Three Vain Reasons to Try Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has many benefits – from insulin regulation to heart health.  Still, there are other, perhaps more vain, reasons to adopt an intermittent fasting lifestyle.  Here are a few:

beautiful young woman1. Better skin, nails and hair
About three months after beginning IF, I noticed stronger and longer nails and eyelashes.  To my knowledge, there haven’t been any well-known scientific studies that have measured if and how much intermittent fasting leads to glowing skin, longer and thicker hair and stronger nails; however; there are many IF-ers who have noticed such results. Fitness guru and IF proponent Paul Gabriel Mihalescu says,

…with the proper regimen, you can use IF to enhance your skin glow, leave it silky smooth and actually grow you hair thicker and stronger.

HGH-Anti-Aging2. Slow the aging process
Research has shown that intermittent fasting dramatically increases human growth hormone (HGH).  A recent study showed that women demonstrated a  1,300% increase in HGH by fasting, and men experienced a whopping 2,000% increase in the hormone. In addition to stabilizing blood sugar and improving cholesterol, HGH also seems to impact various signs of aging.  In 1990, the New England Journal of Medicine published a small-scale study on HGH during which 12 healthy men, age 61 to 81, were injected with HGH for six months. The men reported not only decreased body fat but increased skin elasticity.

317428-0b31807c-aa37-11e3-9a89-1de6a43f024e3. Fit comfortably in your clothes
One of the things I love about IF is how it simplifies life. During fasting hours there are no fat grams to measure and no calories to count.  It’s a no-brainer for most of your waking hours.  One benefit of not eating so many meals is that there’s no need to worry about feeling bloated, or uncomfortable.  This means that when other folks are secretly cursing their Spanx or wanting to undo a notch in their belt, you can comfortably sit in a yoga position in your skinny jeans.

Oh yeah, and IF helps you lose weight too!


Hi, I'm Mimi and I've lost 70 pounds (so far) through daily intermittent fasting or "scheduled eating." I'm committed to the fasting lifestyle and to making it as easy and fun as possible. (Yes, I said fun!) If you're on the fasting journey with me or if you're contemplating it, you've found the right place for information, tips, and support. You may also want to follow me on Twitter @foodcanwait or join us on Facebook at

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A great article and I would only challenge the “vanity” assertion. To want to feel good, look good, and prevent aging is in no way sinful or wrong. If one thinks so, what about gluttony? Which is worse? Never let religious or pseudo-religious ideals rule your life. Be the god of your own life.

Angelena West
Angelena West
I totally agree. I originally started it to help my digestion when I realized I may have not been leaving enough time in between meals to digest my food properly. I originally blamed it on the amount of vegetables I was eating (as I’m vegan), but turns out that was bull! It seems like now I have way more energy and my body is able to actually absorb nutrients rather than food just getting stuck in my gut for days. The only challenge for some people is ensuring that you eat healthily in your eating window. It’s not an excuse… Read more »