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Linda, 68, and 140 pounds lighter after 12 months of intermittent fasting.   Photo courtesy:
Linda, 68, and 140 pounds lighter after 12 months of intermittent fasting.
Photo courtesy:

For all the people who think they are too heavy, too reliant on medication, too old, too far gone, and especially too female to try intermittent fasting, Linda proves them wrong.  What an inspiration.  Linda is almost 70 years old and she’s a whopping 140 pounds lighter thanks to daily intermittent fasting (the Fast-5 method).  You can read more about Linda here.

I often feel fortunate that I started intermittent fasting somewhat accidentally before I read the blog posts and articles skeptical of its effectiveness.  I’m also grateful that those close to me didn’t know enough about IF to talk me out of sticking with it through the initial adaptation phase.  It was only after I restricted my eating schedule and shortly after experienced weight loss, increased energy and better focus that I discovered there is a name for what I was doing – daily intermittent fasting.  And, only after researching daily intermittent fasting did I discover that what had worked so wonderfully for me may have  drawbacks for some women with fertility priorities.

Nevertheless, because I’ve had such a positive experience with daily IF, I often get a little antsy when I hear others discounting it, particularly for women.  Although I understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to better health,  the fact that IF has worked wonderfully for many people certainly seems reason enough not to discount it as a viable, safe and effective weight-loss strategy.  Maybe that’s why I love hearing stories like Linda’s.  Despite her obvious success, she still encounters the naysayers who are quick to proclaim they “could never do that” and even her own doctor is less than enthusiastic about the eating protocol that has greatly improved her quality of life.  Still, she remains committed to maintaining a lifestyle of scheduled eating and it’s clearly paid off.

Most of us live in a land of plenty in which food and water are within arm’s reach 24/7.  Helping ourselves to breakfast, lunch, dinner and a few snacks, far from revving up our metabolism or stabilizing our blood sugar, has done just the opposite.  Is it really that far fetched to consider that a way of eating that takes us back to a time when food was harder to obtain might bring us such benefits as a leaner body and sharper mind?

I hope that those contemplating the IF lifestyle will be inspired by Linda and give it a go.  Whether or not it works for you, you’re certain to learn something about yourself and your body especially as it relates to true hunger, which most of us,  fortunately, have never experienced.


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