Numbers Still Don’t Lie: Update After 20 Months of Intermittent Fasting

If you’ve been following my journey for a while, you know that about a year ago I posted an article about the improvements in several of my health indicators following eight months of intermittent fasting.  Recently, I completed my latest physical and, as to be expected, the news is even better.  I’ve created the table below to display some of the most significant improvements.  Of course, losing 70 pounds since July 1, 2014 is an added bonus.


I can’t encourage you enough to know and understand your blood work results and to work with your health care professional on strategies that have your numbers moving in the right direction.  One way to start the conversation is to download this template.


Hi, I'm Mimi and I've lost 70 pounds (so far) through daily intermittent fasting or "scheduled eating." I'm committed to the fasting lifestyle and to making it as easy and fun as possible. (Yes, I said fun!) If you're on the fasting journey with me or if you're contemplating it, you've found the right place for information, tips, and support. You may also want to follow me on Twitter @foodcanwait or join us on Facebook at

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Wow! These are some kind of fabulous #’s. I don’t see any room for improvement. Never seen a triglyceride # that low. You are to be congratulated. What does your blood pressure run? This might be a good time to recap what you are eating when not fasting. I know it has changed from time to time. Keep up the good work, Mimi. Look forward to your updates.


I just found your blog and want to thank you for all the terrific information and inspiration. I’m “easing into ” the IF life after reading The Fast Five, and am finding it easier than expected, especially with resources like this available. Thanks!