40 Pounds Lighter and $50k Richer, Thanks to Daily Intermittent Fasting

Matt Manning's transformation
Matt transformation

I love this story.  45 year old Matt Manning was motivated to get in shape by a health scare – the possibility of a heart valve replacement in his near future.  The prospect of such a serious operation and the thought of not being around for his children drew the 5’9″ 213-pound dad to the gym and eventually inspired him to enter a weight-loss competition sponsored by Bodybuilding.com.

Within just four months the Ohio-based engineer had transformed himself into a lean body-building machine, boasting a 40-lb weight loss and a mere 5% total body fat which won him the $50,000 top prize.

Matt Manning
Matt Manning

Besides pumping iron and a low-carb diet, what does he credit with his success?… daily intermittent fasting – an 18:6 protocol of daily fasting in which he only ate between the hours of 8 AM and 4PM daily.

Most of us won’t become $50,000 richer from our lifestyle change to daily intermittent fasting, but the rewards are no less valuable – lean body mass, more energy and overall better health.  That’s certainly motivation enough for me.


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