The Perfect Storm

Ugh, I hate having to write this post, but I promise it has a happy ending. Please read on. I wanted fasting to be the perfect solution– the closest thing to a panacea for weight loss. Well, it is that; but there’s a limit, and I experienced that limitation first hand. Beginning last April, I experienced something I […]

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The Talk, Breathe, and Distract Method

Many people seem to think that if you’ve achieved any significant amount of weight loss through intermittent fasting, it must be because you’re super human.  People often say to me, “wow, you’re so strong” or “you have incredible will power.”  Not really, folks.  It’s actually pretty easy to fast, most of the time.  After practicing […]

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Female patient and male doctor

Practicing Medicine

Have you ever voiced disagreement with your doctor or any doctor?  It’s one of the most intimidating feelings ever.  There’s little ol’ you offering your opinion in response to someone with many years of education on the human body and often a few decades of experience working with people just like you.  But, as someone […]

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